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what is PR?

“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” Bill Gates.

Simply, PR is building, enhancing and maintaining the reputation of your business. It’s how your company is perceived, promoting your products and services, and generating recognition and affinity with your brand.

Specialists who understand the media can get your message out there through publications with huge audiences, by creating and telling stories which resonate through word-of-mouth marketing, social media amplification and a lasting online legacy.

There’s a publication out there for even the most niche of audiences – what we do is reach those audiences with stories, not advertising.

Editorial coverage packs a lot of punch – people read it, discuss it and share it on social media and sometimes even send it viral. But it takes skill to get right, often some lateral thinking, and confident honesty with a client over what will (and won’t) pique a journalist’s interest.

the impacts of effective PR and comms

We’ve had clients – established businesses – who’ve seen web traffic and enquiries jump by 50 per cent the week after a round of coverage from one press release. Others have still been getting new business from customers who have read online coverage six months down the line.

Press coverage can generate new investment, help attract the best graduates, make the difference between winning and losing a major tender, or generate direct or indirect referrals to new clients and prospects.

It’s one of the best ways of generating authentic word-of-mouth publicity, which has time and again been shown to be the most cost-effective way of marketing. Get the ball rolling, then let others to the work for you.

And on a wider scale, we’ve helped clients effect genuine change in the industry, by bringing issues to light and lobbying influential decision makers to take notice and amend policy.

Get it wrong, or forget some key audiences, and it can have huge repercussions.

what have I got to talk about?

If you’re not used to publicising what your business excels in, then it may well be that you don’t even know what potential is lying dormant in your organisation.

Every business which employs people, which makes things, provides services or helps people, has stories to tell and expertise to shout about. 

We’ve helped clients generate ideas for four months of PR just by sitting down and letting them talk about their business for an hour, two hours, as long as it takes. We won’t give too much away but it’s about people – what they care about, what they’re interested in and, as a result, giving editors material which they think their readers will benefit from.

case studies – PR and media relations

case study – ISD Solutions
“how will you do PR for us?”

Cold storage construction specialists ISD Solutions are a great example of how our creativity and knowledge of journalism helps deliver repeated quality coverage exactly in the publications they want to appear in.

We’ve impressed them – a significant business, UK leaders in their field – with our ability to extract news-relevant content, to adapt to the industry landscape and strike the balance between promotion and newsworthiness.

Working remotely, we visit the leaders quarterly for a brain dump of ideas, business stories, views on the industry and a catch-up on coverage and impact of our work. Then we take it away, put a plan together, work with editors and deliver quality coverage over, and over again.

The editors we work with like the supply of quality, non-promotional copy which informs their readers. ISD appreciate the coverage and the ability to trust us to write in a voice of which they approve. We love working with them. Everybody wins.

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case study – Invatech Health
rapid understanding of subject matter and media

Can you have a specialism in working with niche markets? Maybe that’s an oxymoron but it’s certainly something we pride ourselves on – the ability to quickly understand complex subject matter, to a level where we can pitch article ideas to editors in a specific sector.

Our work with Invatech Health is a great example of this. They provide specialist IT solutions in the healthcare sector, specifically to pharmacists and in care homes, and when they launched a revolutionary new product we were happy to get involved in the publicity, despite no prior knowledge of the subject.

We also quickly created productive relationships with key journalists in the sector, navigating our way around commercial departments and getting to editorial, so publicity was maximised at the most cost-effective means for the client.

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reliable, quality press coverage to raise brand awareness; publicity with integrity and originality; improving your personal profile as a leader and innovator

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leveraging your status; representing you to local and national Government; strategising your internal communications; making sure your voice is heard

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helping you market and promote your business as it develops and grows – using qualified associates to designing and deliver products and services to your customers

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campaigns and lobbying

Our work has seen The HR Dept, a small business in Bristol, giving evidence on employment status in the Houses of Parliament, and influencing policy change at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

promoting business innovation

We are working with a pioneering, multi-award winning Midlands demolition contractor to improve safety, innovate new technology and recruit women into a reticent industry. It’s ruffling some feathers, but it’s working…

further marketing services

We’ve helped a forward-thinking international school in Gloucester to overhaul its outward-facing marketing, boost pupil numbers and change perceptions of education at a time when young people face unprecedented pressures

help for micros and start-ups

A Harley Street physiotherapist bringing a holistic practice to Exeter needed help launching his business, to generate a customer base and raise his profile. Six months of lifestyle magazine coverage, and he was off and running…

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