your business in the corridors of power

It’s well known that the lobbying mix is dominated by the big organisations with budgets to match. But don’t let that put you off. Innovation and change starts just as much with nimble, smaller businesses as it does with the large ones. So if your cause is just and you have something important to say, we can help make you influential.

helping influence public policy
relationships with key decision makers

To make changes in your industry, for your customers or for your service users, you need two key weapons. Firstly, the right relationships in the right places. Secondly, an understanding of how to communicate your messages effectively.

Using our contacts and expertise we can both identify who you need to be talking to and facilitate the conversations. Let us guide you through the right process for intervening as legislation is being made, as well as identifying opportunities to influence the debate.

Our team includes experts with decades of experience working at the highest levels in and around Westminster. As such we can provide a network of contacts and a real understanding of how, where and by whom the decisions get made.

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managing stakeholders
optimise your business relationships

How well are you keeping on board all the people who have the most impact on your business? The ones who contribute to your success.

They could be customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the community, local or national governments. To meet your objectives it’s crucial to communicate with each one in the right way.

Do you know who your stakeholders are? They’ll vary depending on the project, activity or programme. Miss a beat here and it could derail an agenda.

We offer experienced and effective stakeholder management. We will work with you to identify key groups, their interests and concerns, devise strategy, create communications and influence positive outcomes.

manage my comms
get your internal comms right
your most important asset

Who are your most important stakeholders? It’s your employees. And right now they need your support, understanding and flexibility like never before.

Whether they are putting their lives at risk as key workers, juggling a house full of people or battling loneliness or uncertainty, your communications are critical to protecting their mental, motivating and keeping them productive. Get things right and you will see huge benefits employee engagement and loyalty to your business.

engage my employees
getting things right during stress
communicate change

Change is a fact of life and business. But sometimes it is tough for the people involved – employees, customers or suppliers.

You can mitigate the negatives and enhance the positive aspects of business change by getting your communications right, using effective messaging to create the right outcomes for your business and stakeholders.

It’s vital to know your audience. To be honest and open with dialogue, and supportive of your senior and middle management.

There are many elements to get right. We can help ensure effective, clear and consistent comms supported by the right channels and events.

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case studies – influencing

case study – The HR Dept
national policy influence by a small Bristol business

The HR Dept is an amazing business – a network of more than 70 top-level HR experts serving more than 6,500 SMEs around the UK.

As such, it has a reach into the small business community, nationwide, with a unique understanding of the concerns of business owners regarding their employment strategies.

So, the company can also reflect those concerns on a national policy level. We’ve helped The HR Dept influence Government policy on dealing with the business impact of coronavirus, urging change to the Job Retention Scheme and seeing our ideas picked up by influential national bodies and escalated to Cabinet level through relationships with influential local MPs.

We’ve also helped formulate submissions to influential Government committees on developing legislation, particularly around the changes to employment status. And we’ve worked alongside bodies like the British Chambers of Commerce and the CIPD to publicise viewpoints with influential business media.

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case study – AR Demolition
influence in a sector reticent to change

We’ve been working with AR Demolition for a few years, publicising the company in a competitive industry which often has a fixed way of doing things.

The company’s directors, however, have a vision for how the industry can modernise – new products, new methods, more sustainable practices and attracting new skills and a more diverse workforce.

Change rarely comes easily though. But AR Demolition’s managing director is currently vice-president of the Institute of Demolition Engineers and we’re helping him use that status to promote new ways of thinking in the industry.

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