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supporting your brand with creative marketing

There’s more to the mix than PR and comms – it’s about how your brand looks and feels, the ways you promote yourself, how you win business and develop.

Unfortunately what we often see, especially with smaller businesses, are messy marketing set-ups, numerous providers, inconsistency of style and inefficiency in cost and time.

It’s entirely understandable – it’s expensive to employ a full marketing team and traditional agencies often lack the flexibility to provide services according to the needs of their clients.

So as a virtual agency we can source the right services for your requirements, applying consistent quality across the marketing piece – with one point of contact, one invoice and full accountability for delivery.

a showcase for your business
event management

Events are great for promoting new products and services, positioning you as thought leaders, promoting your brand and generating publicity.

Right now, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, they’re hard to do physically – you might like to consider something virtual. The hiatus in personal contact might have put your plans on hold for now, but it gives you time to create something special for when we’re back up and running.

We work with a select group of events organisers at venues in and around Bristol – it’s the hub of the West and a great location to host visits from outside the area.

plan an event
identify and approach your targets
marketing strategy

There’s a lot to get right before you start promoting yourselves – your products and services need thought and planning before you start to sell.

Through our network of associates we can provide a range of services from audits of your current set-up through to full marketing strategy, identifying leaks in your sales funnel and working with you to plug the gaps.

If you know your target market and where to find them, then great. If not, it’s essential to get your marketing right before you start using the wrong channels to approach people who won’t give you return on investment.

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the right products, price, places and promotion
design and development for your brand

Getting your brand on point helps engage customers, makes you stand out from your competitors and creates a motivated, purposeful workforce which proudly advocates your business to their friends, family and contacts.

It’s hard to get right though, and it extends across many of your business functions from the look and feel of your logo, packaging, website and social media presence right through to how you manage employee relations and the way your receptionist answers the phone.

We can help audit your branding and, if necessary, supply quality creatives to reinvigorate your look and feel, design new packaging and refresh your contact points with customers, clients and stakeholders.

sort out my branding
what are they asking for? and how will you give it to them?
compliant and successful bids and tenders

Hands up who enjoys the tendering process? In our experience, unless you outsource to an agency they’re usually submitted in a rush by someone at director level, with minimal creative input and with little time to really delve into what the tendering organisation is asking for.

Yes, they’re often won on price only. But as businesses increasingly want to be allied to suppliers who share their values, there’s a real opportunity to make yourself stand out from your competitors here.

We can provide templates and review generic copy to make sure your bids look and sound great. And we can provide strategic support reviews of RFPs or ITTs, on win themes, as well as copywriting or editing which will markedly improve your win rate.

support our tenders

case studies – marketing support

case study – The Good Physio
from brand development to prosperity

Start-ups often need a range of support – promotion through the media, help with digital marketing and branding, ideas about how to design and sell products and services. As an agency we have worked with many businesses from inception through to growth and can support with a variety of marketing functions.

Take for example The Good Physio in Exeter, who we’ve helped from the very earliest stages of brand inception, graphic design and copywriting, through assisting with web development to promotion and advertising.

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You might need urgent crisis management, a long-term strategy for PR and comms, or anywhere in between. We have the flexibility to provide services immediately, for quick projects or sustained campaigns. Let’s have a no obligations talk first up. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch shortly.