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why work with Turn the Tables?

We are an agency which offers something different from the status quo.

How? By stripping out all the unnecessary elements from the normal agency model, offering instead a streamlined and high quality service for SMEs looking for results, not an ego massage.

So if you want quality people, delivering a reliable stream of great press coverage, at a reasonable price… we’re the agency for you.

We tell your stories, simply and effectively. We use no juniors, we have no overheads to pass on and no tie-ins to long contracts.

Turning the Tables in every conceivable way – boosting your reputation, bringing change to your industry and supporting the SME community.

our values


We’re not about feathering our own nest. We believe it’s in everyone’s interests – ours, yours and our contacts in the press – to tell you honestly what will work with the media and, crucially, what won’t. Most agencies won’t do that for you.


We’re a team of business owners and freelancers who all understand how hard it is to get your message heard in a world dominated by big corporate voices. We believe that smaller businesses are where the innovation and dynamism happens.


We don’t think you want to work with junior staff with little relevant experience of your industry. We’ve been around the block – we’re all senior, director level experts in our fields – and we have a 100% success rate of publication in more than a decade of operating.

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We’re looking to work with businesses we can go on a journey with – not ones who will just pay us for a year while we look for new clients elsewhere.

We’re confident in the quality of the services we offer and the results we can bring to your marketing operation. We’re good to work with, diligent and honest as the day is long.

If you like the sound of what we offer – feel free to drop us a line.

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case study – The HR Dept
national impact for a small business

We have worked with The HR Dept since 2014, helping grow their business and raising their profile as an advocate for the concerns of SMEs regarding the modernising workplace and employment regulations.

The work we’ve done exemplifies the essence of what we’re about – helping smaller business punch above their ‘weight’, although why can’t SMEs have opinions just as viable and influential as the big corporates?

We believe that if the opinions are sound and the message needs to be heard, we have the contacts and experience to help you change the conversations that matter.

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case studies from Turn the Tables
some of our work

We’ve worked with multi-million corporates, micro businesses and start-ups, providing a consistent level of quality and dedication to getting results for our clients. We’re proud of who we work for and what we’ve achieved for them, and you can see some of it here.

Of course every business is unique, with their own things to say and with set-ups which need particular marketing and communications solutions. We thrive on the variety of helping organisations with their own challenges. We’ve worked across the spectrum and are confident we can help you too.

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a climate positive business

We don’t do greenwash. We genuinely care about the planet we’re going to leave behind for our children, so we do what we can to minimise our carbon usage and we seek to work with businesses which are trying to do something good for the world we live in.

Working virtually means a drastic reduction in our carbon footprint but we have no choice but to travel occasionally, to see clients around the UK.

To mitigate this impact, Turn the Tables is proud to be a member of Offset Earth which means our entire personal and business carbon footprint is offset, through global tree planting programmes.

So far, we’ve had 563 trees planted on our behalf in the mangroves of Madagascar. Work with us, and you can contribute to our forest too.

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You might need urgent crisis management, a long-term strategy for PR and comms, or anywhere in between. We have the flexibility to provide services immediately, for quick projects or sustained campaigns. Let’s have a no obligations talk first up. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch shortly.

We offset our carbon footprint via Offset Earth