support through coronavirus – part 2

Coronavirus – what you can be doing now

By now you’ll have dealt with initial shock of being forced to close business, or dramatically adapted your offering or modus operandi. Have you communicated this effectively and are you making the most of the efforts you’ve made?

Are your staff aware of the steps you’re putting in place to keep the business ticking over? And how are they coping? Your employees’ well-being in these unsettling and uncertain times is your responsibility. Make sure they are safe at home, that their workstation is optimal, the IT set up supports productivity and that you are making the most of collaborative tools and communication channels.

Have you targeted new potential customers – for example by putting a social media strategy in place, or by getting online press publicity? There’s never been a better time to target the digital audience – alongside the tasks we’re all having to juggle at home, we’re digesting content like never before. However, it’s important to get the tone right, to not look like you’re cashing in on a crisis.

It’s a rapidly-evolving situation, too. So don’t rest on your laurels. Employees will be looking for guidance from their leaders. Customers bases will develop as restrictions are eased and the economy adapts. Plan ahead, get ahead of the game so you can react faster than your competitors.

And you should be proudly publicising any efforts you’re making to help your community through this extraordinarily challenging time. People will remember those companies who went the extra mile to support the national effort.

Now is also a really good time to audit your marketing activities. Are you happy with your website, your tenders, social media platforms, PR strategy, newsletters, advertising? They should all be playing together like an orchestra, in harmony. If they’re not, then this is the ideal time to straighten things out.

planning for the future

Yourcomms shouldn’t stop once we’re over the crisis. Take people with you through the recovery – your employees and stakeholders will want an optimistic yet realistic outlook how your business can grow and prosper in the future.

A report by business consultants McKinsey recently highlighted five stages – horizons, they called them – in the journey through this crisis. They were:

These sound like big corporate themes but they’re actually applicable to all businesses, large and small. And at every stage in this journey, PR and comms could help to bring people – customers, clients, suppliers, employees, stakeholders – with you throughout the weeks, months and years ahead.

how we can help

Turn The Tables is itself a reimagining – a broadened offering based on the PR background of its predecessor Elmhay PR and Media. Its founder Rupert Janisch has developed a his own reputation and a solid client base over the last decade, while always toying with the idea of developing a ‘virtual agency’ – a network of quality freelancers all working remotely, offering great services without the agency overheads (offices, recruitment costs, holiday pay and so on) normally passed on to clients.

So whatever your message, whatever channel you need to promote it through, we’re here to help. We have a host of experts at your disposal – writers, ex-journalists, comms professionals, marketeers, designers, photographers and videographers, social media gurus – all independent and working at reasonable rates.

Of course we’re happy to have an initial chat, no obligations and free of charge. Fundamentally, we’re at your service. So drop us a line if you need some support.

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